Car MakeUp Mirror –

 Make-up is an essential part of many women's appearance. And many of us take our time to perfect our make-up. However, time is scarce, and that is why many women finish their make-up in their cars. But many sun visor mirrors are too small and do not provide a good view of yourself.

That is why we want to present the new In-Car Vanity Mirror!

Why should you get a better mirror?

You might not know, but most car's sun visor mirrors are simply a piece of plastic wrapped with silver-like paper. In time those papers wear off, the quality drops making it harder to see your reflection. Besides, few of them have decent lighting.

The result is terrible make-up and your appearance ruined for that crucial meeting or romantic date you had.

The design of our new Vanity Mirror solves all the issues swiftly, allowing you to take care of all the details! It has a big reflecting surface, built-in LED lights, and an adjustable hanging system that makes it your perfect ally.

Car MakeUp Mirror

The In Car Makeup Mirror was designed to allow you to see your face entirely instead of partially. Its real glass mirror is big enough to show your whole face at a detailed level.

Additionally, their built-in LED lights allow you to see clearly under all circumstances! The lighting level can also be adjusted according to your need!

Did I mention that it is a portable mirror? You can carry it with you wherever you go! And it is the long-duration battery that lasts for hours that makes it possible.

And last but not least, it fits perfectly in any car, new or old, big or small. Its hanging system works on any sun visor!

Car Makeup Mirror Characteristics and specifications

Here's some detailed information about this amazing mirror:

It has a perfect size. 7 x 5 in (18 x 12 cm) Compact but big enough.

It features a top-quality real glass mirror for optimal reflection along with the most resistant plastic for maximum durability. 21 built-in LED lights with adjustable intensity for better lighting and battery management. It has a large-capacity battery of 400 mAh. A recharging USB cable is also included. Available in both black and white.

Car Makeup Miror

Stop worrying about your looks!

In-Car Vanity Mirror is now available to help you get that professional look you deserve. And all of this for the most affordable price you can get out there. Never again will you feel insecure about your makeup with this mirror!

It is also a great gift making that special someone of yours prettier than ever before.

So try it now and you shall never look unprepared ever again for any events in the future, and it only costs a price you will never find anywhere else!